Residential Services

Beth Tikvah Foundation of Hamilton currently operates 6 locations that support individuals around the clock. These locations support the individuals with all activities of daily living.

Outreach Services

Individuals with disabilities who are also from diverse cultures are significantly hampered in realizing outcomes of full participation in all aspects of society due to a host of barriers. The Outreach Program is designed to have individuals with a developmental disability socialize out in the community with others.

Accessing Services


The Beth Tikvah Foundation of Hamilton is a contributing agency in the Central Point of Access within the Hamilton region. Requests for service are accessed through Contact Hamilton for children services, Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) for adults and Passport Funding for individuals with developmental disabilities. Contact Hamilton provides information about the local services, supports and serves as the “central access point of access” for the adult development services in Hamilton.


Anyone can call Contact Hamilton. This includes the individual requesting service, a family member, school personnel, physician, or community agency. The person in need of services will need to meet the provincial eligibility criteria for developmental services.


If you have a question or a concern or wish to speak with someone directly, please call Contact Hamilton for Children services at 905-570-8888 or email them at For adult services please contact Developmental Services Ontario at 1-877-376-4674 or 905-297-5604 or email at

To view Contact Hamilton’s Website please click the following link:


Person Centered Planning


Person Centered Planning (PCP) is a set of approaches designed to assist someone to plan their life and supports. It is used most often as a life planning model to enable individuals with disabilities to increase their personal self-determination and improve their own independence. Person Centered Planning involves the individual receiving the service, with family members, neighbors, employers, community members, and friends, and professionals (such as physician/ doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, support workers, care managers, therapists, and social workers) developing a plan on community participation and quality of life with the individual.


Person Centred planning utilizes a number of techniques, with the central premise that any methods used must be reflective of the individual’s personal communication mechanisms and assist them to outline their needs, wishes and goals. There is no differentiation between the process used and the output and outcomes of the PCP; instead, it pursues social inclusion through means such as community participation, employment and recreation.


Person Centered Planning is a strategy Beth Tikvah uses for developing support plans which change and develop with the individual throughout their lifetime. A plan is developed with the individual, their family and those who provide support which identifies personal, educational, vocational, medical, safety needs and goals. Person Centred Planning fosters an attitude of respect that allows all people to participate in decisions about them.

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